Granules grinding into powder

We offer services in grinding of granular polyethylene into powder form on our own production site. These services are oriented on those Customers who produces products by rotational molding method and also on compounders.

Technical support

Our specialists quickly and effectively prepare all the necessary documents at every step of deal. We guarantee the cleanness of every foreign trade transaction and compliance of all deals with laws. Our professional team will help you to get quick answer on any question concerning characteristics and applications of materials that we offer.


For supplying of necessary products to our clients just in time our company delivers materials in terms convenient for our Customers. These services will help you to save your time.


If our Customer cannot take at once the full volume of material that he had bought we offer the opportunity to deliver the material by batches. The remaining part of material can be stored in our warehouse within the specified terms.

Additional bag palletising

In order to avoid damage of package integrity (when material is handling, loading/unloading, transporting) which can lead to damage of product, we provide additional palletizing of materials by means of tought films (if it is necessary or by request of the Customer).

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Polymertorg  LLC is a specialized company. Our main goal is to supply high-quality polymer raw materials to Belarusian and Russian manufacturers.

We have been working since 1997, our experience helps us to carry out our business successfully. We care about our customers and our values are: “Simple. Profitable. Reliable ":

Simple - in communication, in business.
Profitable – for all participants.
Reliable - at any coincidence of circumstances.

High-quality and attentive service is our main advantage. We set heart on doing polymer suppling really comfortable for you. Our technologist will advise on any questions regarding the polymer processing and usage, and the sales team will take care of optimal conditions and ensure that your cargo will be delivered on time.

We passionate about our work and we hope that you will be satisfied with our partnership.